Ben. D. Sawyer, PhD, MSIE

Contact me to add my expert opinion, and that of my team, to your effort.  I’ve had the pleasure of helping major companies, small businesses, law firms, entrepreneurs, and scientists including:

  • Lifesafer, Inc., Driving Simulation Human Factors Consultant
  • Popup Project, University of Central Florida, Online Education Support
  • Siemens Wind Energy, Human Factors Consultant
  • IBM Academic Division, Web HCI Consultant
  • Coben & Associates, Crash Scene Investigator
  • UXscience,  Human Factors in Driving Consultant

Contact me for Human Factors and Industrial Engineering issues. I have a proven track record of success, both as an expert and a designer:

  • Automotive UX Design
  • Typographic Design
  • Robotic & Autonomy Design
  • Accessible Design
  • Driving Simulation, Test Track, & Naturalistic UX Evaluation
  • Distraction & Inattention Diagnoses and Mitigation
  • Fatigue and Drowsy Operator Diagnoses and Mitigation
  • Workplace and Human-machine Workload and Stress Issues (Hyperstress and Hypostress)
  • Managing Operator Attention
  • Tracking Attention & Engagement for Media, Advertising, and Video Games
  • Simulation Sickness and Cybersickness Diagnoses and Mitigation
  • Wearable Technology and Physiological Data Analysis
  • Financial Human Factors, including FP&A and Decision Making

Contact me to leverage advanced tools for evaluating human performance:

  • Research Design, Statistical Analysis, and Result Visualization and Communication
  • Scientific data management using Matlab, Python, R, SPSS, C#, and More…
  • Safety and Ergonomic Asessments of User Interface (UX) or Design
  • Systems Engineering Evaluation and Design
  • Simulations, including: Driving, Targeting, Goggle-based VR (Oculus), Augmented Reality (AR), and Custom-built Simulation Solutions
  • Tracking, including: Mocap, LADAR, PERCLOS, Eye and Face-tracking, Face Recognition
  • Building, Validating and Properly Using Scales and Measures
  • Neuroimaging and Neuroergonomics: Applied EEG, FNIR, TCD and More

Contact me for speaking engagements. I have engaged audiences all over the world.

I’m happy to speak with you regarding your particular interest. Please contact me by clicking here.

In the event that the mail links above are blocked, contact me at the email listed on my CV.